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National Park Brijuni

The Brijuni Islands, one of the true jewels of Istria, situated almost at the North-Western outskirts of Pula’s port. The Group of Islands consists of two larger islands, Veli and Mali Brijun, and 12 islets. From Istrian coast divides them only 3 km wide Fažana channel. Inhabited in the prehistoric period, are particularly valued as a wonderful space in Roman times, when, as well as in the whole of southern Istria, are popping up mainly large country estate with luxury villas.

It is certainly the most complex of the ladanjskoga Castle in Verige Bay built in 1. century after Christ. Dug up the remains of this complex are provided in an area of about 5 acres.
Life on the Brijuni Islands lasted and in the middle ages, as well as for the Venetian administration and then was due to malaria in the 18th century. and the first half of the 19th century. century completely died out. Moving the main war harbour of the Imperial Navy from Venice to Pula, Austria is in the second half of the 19th century. century on the Brijuni Islands built seven strong fortress, the largest of which is the fortress was “Tagetthoff” on a hill on the great Vela straža Brijun. At the time of construction it was one of the strongest fortresses in the Mediterranean. The year 1893. Brijuni Islands has bought the Austrian industrialist Paul Kupelweiser, who until the first world war, this neglected area, has turned into one of the then most modern and the most attractive summer resorts.

Since 1947. year, the Islands became the official summer residence of Josip Broz Tito, and it remains until his death in 1980. In this period they built new luxury objects, and are renewed and rich parks, glades and forests. In this period the Brijuni Islands are visited by the most prominent statesmen, and there were held and some of the historical political meetings.

Since 1983. year Brijuni Islands is protected and has the status of a national park.
Today, the Brijuni Islands all over the world and to recognize the inevitable place for foreign and domestic tourists who come to visit Istria. Brijuni national park offers a multitude of facilities, and for those who want to pass something more favorable, we suggest you to look at the offer of apartments and private accommodation in the vicinity of the NATIONAL PARK Brijuni. To view see the offer of private accommodation Fazana apartments, apartments in Pula and Medulin apartments. To best recreate the beauty and charm of Brijuni, we suggest that you look at the following video.

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