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Inner Croatia

The central Croatia geographically southwestern edge Peripannonian space, in which morphological coexist mountain-hilly areas, Podbrđe, stream valleys and plains with large river. Area flows Sava, the longest and richest river in Croatia.

Mountainous parts are relatively low, covered with lush vegetation, in which only Medvednica, Žumberačka mountains and Ivancica exceed a height of 1000 meters. Djeverni part is extremely picturesque hilly region which gradually passes into the valleys of major rivers Drava and Mura. The southern part form Podbrđe and plateaus along the river Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra.
Central Croatia, as its name suggests, the core of the entire Croatian territory which directly or indirectly meet all elements of the Croatian lands. The intersection of all the major longitudinal, vertical or diagonal lines which for centuries, even millennia, exchanged good, encountered the intertwining of different cultures and customs.

Permanent strategic importance of the area has caused the the dense population and the emergence of numerous towns, marketplaces, but also strategically important fortress. Population central Croatian and today was the most important in the Croatian territory, but in the area that occupies a third of Croatian territory is home to nearly half of the total Croatian population (2.16 million people).
Almost in the spatial center in link roads in the Middle Ages began to form a collection of close settlements that eventually merged into the Croatian capital – Zagreb.