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Islands Cres and Lošinj

The islands of Cres and Lošinj actually constitute a unified whole, because it is the coating that naturally connects was dug out and was bridged by a drawbridge. CRES is very sparsely populated. The town of Cres is a very old settlement, was founded during the Roman period under the name Crepsa. It is situated along the coast with a deep, Cres is irrigated.

At the time of Venetian rule, it was the administrative centre for both islands. The oldest urbanized settlement on the island of CRES is the Osor, ancient Apsoros. In antiquity and the early middle ages is important centre, the seat of the diocese, and the Benedictine monastery.

With the arrival of the Venetians loses its functions and is rapidly deteriorating. The small villages are often built on top of a high Hill. Among them most vividly are the Watermelons, that offer a magnificent view of the open sea of the Adriatic. In the center of the island there is a Large freshwater lake Vrana, which is a natural reservoir of drinking water for the Cres and Losinj.

One of the curiosities of CRES is the fact that the island is the Habitat of the Griffon Vulture, the rare protected species, nearly extinct bird grabežljivice.

Lošinj is a high forested Island whose main centre of Mali Losinj, which with its population of 6300, the largest village on the Croatian islands. The development of this town need to thank the sudden development of shipbuilding and Maritime Affairs in the 18th century. and 19. century.

A typical urban settlement with moderate, but dignified architectural specifics is located at the bottom of Deep Bay. Yet at the end of the 19th century. century in the small to Lošinj began to develop health tourism, as well as in the nearby Veli Lošinj. Today they are extremely tourist-oriented centers, so they retain the status of a climatic health resort.

On the open sea in front of the island lies an unusual Island – Susak, covered with a thick deposits of sand. Susak was known for an unusual women’s costumes are a very short skirt and a series of podsuknji which completely expose legs in long pink socks.