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Island of Pag

PAG is a border Island, which, due to his position and great length penetrates into Gulf of Kvarner, with its northern shore encloses the southern side of Velebit channel, and its eastern part relies on the area of Dalmatia, with which it is connected by a bridge.

As with all of the island’s interior with the Velebit Seabord, North side of the island, permanently exposed to the Bora, completely naked. All settlements on the island are facing towards the South, except for the city of PAG, which is located in a protected the bottom of the deep of PAG Bay.

The history of the town of PAG is especially interesting. How is the PAG Bay in the direction of the Southeast was finishing a long longitudinal pličinom ideal for construction of Solana, old Pug was located on a gentle Hill more than two kilometers of the present-day town of souteast part. The old man is hard in the conflict devastated Pag with people in Zadar at the end of the 14. the century. How salt was one of the strategically most important commodity, the Venetian’s management decided their salt works better protect, so it is at the entrance to the shallows at 14 gave solana. century, to build a new fortified city of Pag, whose proper quadratic basis protected by walls may project the renowned Builder and sculptor Juraj dalmatinac.

The town is within the walls composed of geometrically correct disperse Street, at the intersection of the main longitudinal and transverse Street is a rectangular square with the main church, the Rector and the Episcopal Palace, which was never completed.

Located southwest of the town of salt warehouses, some of which are the oldest yet from 14. the century. The second island village of urban type, Novalja, lies to the Northwest of the island.

The area of Novalja, there were ancient times South port of the Roman city of Cissa in the northwestern corner of the PAG Bay. The life of this area it was very intense in the early Christianity and the early Middle Ages, as evidenced by numerous finds.

Today’s is a decidedly Novalja tourist center. Urban tidy and exuberant, with an abundance of thoughtful residential and country architecture, landscaped streets, parks, and along the coast, Novalja is an example of a cultivated attitude towards space.

The island of Pag is also famous for sheep breeding and the production of the highest quality cheeses. Most intense production of this item requested is in the area of the car in the central part of the island.