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Island of Rab

Rab lies opposite the Velebit coast, forming its north-eastern part of the coast of the Velebit channel. North side of the island, exposed to violent impacts the Bora, a desolate and rocky, while the central part of the island is protected along the heights of Kamenjak. With a few fertile fields around the Supetarska Draga, Kampor and Banjol forms the basis of the settlement of the island.

The main settlement on the island of the historic city of Rab. Is one of the most beautiful coastal towns, situated on a peninsula that closes the well-indented Bay. The settlement dates back to antiquity, but the climb is experiencing in the middle ages, when it became the seat of the diocese and a free Comune, well fortified walls, among which there are many very important and valuable buildings, especially from the Romanesque period, when the city experienced its peak.

What constitutes a distinctive and remarkable scenic outline of the city are 4 tall and slender bell towers of churches and parts of the preserved city walls. The main religious monuments are located on the ridge of the peninsula, including the former Rab Cathedral, St Mary the great, then the early Romanesque Basilica female Benedictine monastery of Saint Andrew with its bell tower from the 12th century. century, the Benedictine monastery church of St. John the Evangelist from the 11. century and the Bell Tower from the 12th century. century and the Renaissance church of St. Justine.

From public buildings are highlights the Rector’s Palace, the tower with the town clock, the city loggia and a series of valuable residential buildings, such as the Dominis Nimira Palace,, Crnota, Galzigna and Marinelis.

For the study of medieval architecture is an important early Romanesque church of Saint Peter from the 11. century, erected by the Benedictine monastery nearby Supetarska Draga.