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Between Istria and Croatian littoral is situated in Kvarner Bay, respectively. For its tourist offer the most stand out of the Gulf of Kvarner’s islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab and Rijeka.

It is interesting that the sea in the Bay is relatively deeper than the opened top of the Adriatic Sea (30-60 m). Around the Kvranerskog Bay there are no major rivers resulting in the fact that it is the bottom of a rocky and steep and mostly because of the maximum depth of the Northern Adriatic has been measured in the channel Krušija Bay.

Croatia’s largest port, the city of Rijeka is situated on the coast of the Kvarner Bay. Rijeka is the Center and the largest city of the region. We can say that through the Kvarner water significant maritime routes and, in particular, this applies to pass the Middle door (the passage between the islands of Krk and Cres), and Vela Vrata (between Istria and Cres). In addition to the many benefits in economic terms, the transport connection formats this end and in a negative way. This is in the first line of thought on a negative ecological impact.

Rijeka (Italian. Fiume, the njem. Sankt Veit am Flaum or Pflaum) is as we have said, the Centre and the largest town of the region. The river is the third largest city in Croatia. It also has its own tourist significance. Close to the river there is the world famous national park-Risnjak, and nearby mountain Učka and the Velebit and the towns of Opatija and Crikvenica where often you can attend a variety of attractive events. Rijeka is also known by several beaches and the most popular are Bivio and caves.