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Mountainous Croatia

Mountainous Croatia is the most sparsely populated mountainous part of Croatia. Mountain Croatia covers the area between central Croatia and Croatia’s Adriatic coast. All the important historic roads were trudging their way through this space.
The construction of the railway line towards the River, and later the region according to the direction of the split, this is the end of the mountain got in importance.

gorska hrvatska
Today, when they are from Karlovac to the Adriatic, built two modern motorway (in the direction of Rijeka and Zadar to preko split), this space gets more and more in importance, and due to its natural beauty and almost untouched nature becomes all the more attractive tourist destination.
Mountainous Croatia make up the Northwest parts of the Dinaric Mountains. We share is in Gorski kotar, Ogulin (or Potkapelska) to the Valley, and Lika.