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Gorski kotar

Gorski kotar make up the high mountain massifs of Bjelolasica, Risnjak and Snjeznik. Among the mountain massif separated smaller fields and extensions in the rubble. Boundary flow of the river Kupa, Dobra and Čabranka. Mountain-passes which are passing communications are shallow, so it is for modern highways, the challenge to build the long tunnels.
The first important roads were built in the 18th century. and at the beginning of the 19th century. century-Karolinska and Lujzinska cesta towards Kraljevica and Rijeka, and shares the railway line Budapest-Zagreb-Karlovac-Rijeka is built through the Gorski kotar.
In this period they rose a smaller settlement and trade, such as the Delnice, Čabar, Skrada, ravna Gora and Vrbovsko.

gorski kotar prikaz krajobraza
How is Gorski kotar markedly woodland, in more than one of the above mentioned settlements began the system exploitation of wood and are evolved drives the timber industry.
The natural curiosities of the end and relative proximity to large cities such as Rijeka and Zagreb, Gorski kotar made especially interesting tourist zone.
Part of the mountain Risnjak was transformed into the national park in order to protect specific forest flora and fauna.