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Lika - position, the natural and cultural sights, accommodation

Lika is surrounded by Small Chapel, the mountain range of Velebit, Plješivicom and over the Una River on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The meaning of this particular space lies in the possibility of fighting his way North-South communication, so it is through the entire history of this fact had a major role. The former caravan routes, in the 18th century. century were converted into Imperial roads that are from the Interior led to Adriatic ports.
Construction of communication has enabled the Court, that in the central part has a relatively low mountains, rugged with larger and smaller Karst fields along the numerous River Lika flows.
The area is very rich in water, and is not adverse to historical circumstances that have led to the depopulation, the character would have in some of its parts could be true Misir, when iskoristle all natural features.

The largest waterways in the region created by the three largest river Gacka, Lika and Krbava. The Gacka River is the westernmost and the field is one of the largest. Strategically the most important settlement in this area is the Otočac, which is located in the western part of the Gackoga field. Medieval fortress in the age of the military frontier was one of the strongholds of Defense communications between the sea and the continent. The construction of the Joseph II road from senj to Karlovac at the end of the 18th century grew the meaning of gackoga of the end.
The character is the longest Croatian river (78km). Its waters are, in addition to those from the River, used during the construction of the hydroelectric power plant Senj.

lika - rijeka gacka
Lika is a field formed the new centre of Lika-Gospić, which was received in importance when it was built in the marijaterezijanska road from Karlobag via Baska Oštarija to Lika-senj County. Then, the administrative functions from Karlobag moved to Gospić. Team Central region area was built in 1920-ies railway line from Zagreb to split. And today’s modern highway takes the same direction.
To the East, by the river Krbavu, was built in the 1970s the then main road communication between Dalmatia and Zagreb. She’s going through a spacious Krbavskim field beneath the city and crosses the Lika-Senj County in the Koreničko field and across the plitvičkoga space during the Korana River to Karlovac. The westernmost and the shortest train communication flows border area, along the course of the river una.

GospićLika is a region in the Middle Ages it was inhabited, and numerous fortified towns they defended local spaces and communication. The penetration of the Turks in the 15th century in these parts, he did this area crucial to the defense. In the famous battle of Krbavsko Polje 1493. year, according to the contemporary Chronicles, destroyed the entire Croatian nobility led by Croatian ban Mirko Derenčinom, and in a clash with an army of Jakub-paša claimed the lives of thousands of warriors.
Of the 16. century, the character is an integral and one of the most important sectors of the Military Krajina region on the border with the Turkish Empire. The centuries-old insecure life he left a deep imprint on the whole of this area. Until the recent construction of new roads instills hope that will stop the process of depopulation. One of the važih components of the new development lies in tourism.
On the northeastern edge of the Like is the most famous and undoubtedly the most beautiful Croatian national park and the most important tourist attraction of Lika-Plitvice Lakes