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Ogulin and surroundings

Eastern part of Velika and Mala Kapela, the mountains that form a natural barrier between the mountain and the Central Croatian, call Ogulinsko or Potkapelsko valley. In the Middle Ages the main settlement of the area was Modruš. It developed with the Frankopan castle from the 12th century. By the 16th century was the religious and the secular center-based bishop. Turkish invasions in the 16th abolished as its importance.
ogulin - frankopanski gradOgulin developed around a fortified town from the 15th century, erected over Đula river Dobra. Its importance is gained at the time of the Military Border, when around the fort built resort based regiment. Ogulin is now the largest settlement in the entire mountainous Croatia. Significantly developed after the demobilization of the Military Frontier raising the timber industry. Ogulin has become a tourist center.