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National Park Kornati

On the high seas must, almost opposite the Lake Vrana, spilled the stone necklace larger and smaller islands and reefs – Kornati archipelago. With nearly 150 islands in a relatively small territory of the Kornati are the most indented and densest island group in the European Mediterranean.
The archipelago was named after the cliffs, and due to the specific geological forms resembling the crown on the peaks of the island. Thus, the Kornati are “Crowned islands”. On the islands have since ancient times breed sheep that were there had a permanent residence. Each owner had on the island usually only a temporary dwelling most modest performance.
Livestock on the islands caused the construction of a complex maze of walls, partitions built in dry wall, which today cover islands like the unreachable “land art”. It is this human activity in nature is an integral part of the value and object of protection of this territory.
Due to the specific landscape, a variety of karst phenomena, endemic flora, fish hatcheries, ornithological community of sea birds, as well as the specific role of man in the formation of this phenomenon, it was necessary to protect this extraordinary place of devastation and excessive exploitation, and in 1980 declared a national park.
Space deep and indented bay Telascica on Long Island, in which the Kornati archipelago makes it a unique space, separated in 1988 in a separate nature park. 3 series of Kornati islands are two protected boundaries of the national park and encompass 101 islands. The Kornati islands are mostly owned by residents of the island Murter.