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National Park Krka

The flow of the river Krka, other Dalmatian river, which springs at the foot of the mountain Dinara, in his breakthrough to the sea offers a wealth of natural phenomena, but also the most important cultural and historical sites, and in 1985 more than two thirds of the river flow declared a national park.

Since its origin, the waterfall Krčić under Dinara, to its confluence with the sea shows different morphological characteristics of deep canyons, rapids and waterfalls to travertine barriers, extensions that have almost the character of the lake all the way to extremely strong noise in the lower reaches before direct with sea level and so primierena the sunken karst field winding canyon reach the archipelago Sibenik port. In the upper course of the Krka River, near Ivoševci, a famous Orthodox monastery Aranđelovac, valuable historical monument. Among the barriers Roski Slap and seventeen steps Skradinski noise is elongated river widening in the center of which a small island Visovac with a church and a Franciscan independent who is surrounded by a park. The monastery was founded by monks of St. Augustine in the 14th century, but they fled from the Turks. In 1445 inherit them Bosnian Franciscans, who have survived and under Turkish rule.

On a quiet part of Waterfalls around the bend after a big noise on the right side is a picturesque small town of Skradin, at the time of antičtko important Scradona.