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National Park Paklenica

In the northwest of the Dalmatian area, there are several natural wonders that due to its exceptional geographic morphology, conservation of the natural environment and unusual beauty cause permanent occupation, and are legally protected areas.

The first and oldest in the Dalmatian area is Paklenica National Park, founded in 1949. It is located at the southeastern edge of Velebit and consists of two deep and steep canyons that were in mountainous mass cut by Large and Small Paklenica. Climbing to the canyons of towering peaks attract many visitors and tourists, and divivske vertical rocks, of which the most impressive one called Anica kuk, high 712m, the target of hikers and climbers.

Paklenica abounds and underground karst phenomena. Of registered seventy caves, the most famous Manita (175m long), unusually rich in cave decoration. The entire Velebit was declared a nature park, in the southeastern part of the special beauty stand out Tulove beams Zrmanja canyon. The clear green river breaks through the high winding canyon to expansion in Novigradsko to the Novsko ždrilo finally found its way into the sea.