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Apartments Island Murter 2019

Apartments - Island Murter

Apartments Julija – Murter

On the island of Murter, near sandy beaches Slanica rent the whole House (ideal for two families with…

Mjesto: Island Murter

60,60 m2

Ležaja 5,5

Kupaona: 1,1

Studio Apartments Murter – Murter

The apartments are located 1. next to the sea, along the sandy beach, close to supermarket and the…

Mjesto: Island Murter

65,75 m2

Ležaja 4-6

Kupaona: 1,1

Mobile Homes Karlaniva – Murter

Air-conditioned mobile homes are located in the tourist resort by the beach, and include a private terrace with…

Mjesto: Island Murter

30,30 m2

Ležaja 6-12

Kupaona: 2,2

Apartments Murter Inn – Murter

We want to welcome you to the island of Murter and a pleasant stay in the apartments MURTER…

Mjesto: Island Murter

40,25 m2

Ležaja 1-9

Kupaona: 1,1