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Traveling to Croatia

Most of us (according to some stats even up to 80%) of the Adriatic is coming by car. Although most of the already very well knows the main traffic routes all across our beautiful country, here are some useful sources of information that will come in handy and that more experienced drivers.

1. – On the pages of the HAK-is an excellent interactive map of Croatia. Apart from the display of the nearest route, in just a few “clicks” you can come up with a calculation of the cost of travel (fuel consumption and toll collection system), the time duration of the trip, as well as a bunch of useful information such as position, gas stations, ATMs, post offices, police stations, kiosks, etc.

On the other hand if you are arriving outside the borders of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA at your service is almost ubiquitous Google and its Google Maps service, which is integrated into almost every smartphone or some of the navigation system.

If part of the way you choose to travel by bus, on a page
1. a. – you can find all information about timetable and prices of transportation ticket.


If, however, you are not coming by car or by bus, but you have decided to spend part of the trip traveling by rail, be sure to visit

2. CROATIAN RAILWAYS WEBSITE – passenger transport-timetable-on the page, you can check the timetable of passenger RAILWAY COMPANY, whether you are traveling from Croatia or outside the borders of the REPUBLIC OF CROATIA. On the page, you can also check out and transportation ticket prices. It should be borne in mind that the delays, especially trains from the international traffic, unfortunately not so rare.

Okay, part of the path travelled by car or train, but Your final destination is one of the Islands to which water ferry lines. On the page

3. – all relations are displayed, along with the prices of tickets for individual relations, sales outlets, and you can buy ticket and online.

Last, but not least important is air transport. The number of passengers who come to the Adriatic some of the airline carrier is getting bigger every year. Even though they already have all the stories about the low-budget Air transportation companies told, we bring them a couple of the most popular with which to top destinations you can come over for a few tens of euros from any corner of Europe.

4. Air transportation

Any way you choose, always suggest that you consult before travelling with your future host, especially when it comes to conditions on local roads, because many of the information that may not be available on the Web pages that we have listed, with the owners before they hear and can advise and spare you a real headache before the beginning of the best part of the year-Your well-deserved vacation.